AUTO VINTAGERY is a state of mind, a love, and fascination for MG motorcars. Operated as a hobby, we return these four-wheeled artifacts to the original condition they were in as they left the Abingdon factory.

AUTO VINTAGERY is as much about MG cars as the history, travel and love of the British countryside which first saw these motors screaming down the narrow lanes. Travel to the annual auto jumbles, the car club meetings at Silverstone, the historic racing of these cars at venues around the world and observing the hand built construction methods still seen at the Aston Martin or Morgan works are encouraged, along with required reading to appreciate the individual unique enjoyment of these motorcars.

Architect James Alcorn is assisted by members of the Southern California MG fraternity. Almost all MG models have been lovingly reconstructed. MGA Twin-Cam, MGA, MGB, "T" Types, Pre-war, and MMM Series are well represented, with three PA/PB Models presently in our shop. Parts sales are also provided for most MG models, but in particular, the rare MGA Twin-Cam (50 of which have passed through our doors.)

AUTO VINTAGERY is about the enthusiastic customers of these wonderful restorations from our shop residing in Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, Montana, Utah, California, Washington, Germany, Spain, England Mexico City and Brazil, to name a few.

Contact us at for your parts needs, or to discuss that special restoration project you want to begin next year. Reservations for Summer 2019 are now available.


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